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Reading the time and wearing the watch is pretty easy. The wide strap and unique buckle are cool to say the least. Operating the Tread 1 is also pretty simple once you read the instructions. The watch runs off a lithium polymer battery that lasts about two weeks during normal use. You don't replace the battery regularly but rather charge it. To do this Devon includes a magnetic induction charger that you simply place the watch on top of. The seconds belts also doubles as a battery life indicator because it will move in two second steps when the battery life is running out. Given all the power that the watch consumes, I would say Devon made the best of the situation. By the way, the watch does have an ON/OFF function as well to conserve energy.

So basically what Breguet did is force people who buy this watch to rethink what certain dials are used for. Nothing on the watch feels intuitive. You see certain scales, and placements of dials on the watch and want it to do one thing, when in reality is does another. I see two thin hands on the main dial, and I think rattrapante. I see a linear scale style dial and I think power reserve indicator. I see a synchronized 24 hour hands and I think it is for the main time, not the second time zone. There is just so much to remember with the Type 22 (XXII) watch. I do further fear that the movement is too complex. I could be totally wrong, but I think that it will take Breguet a while to work the kinks out of this complex little mechanical dancing number.

At the top of the new IWC Big Pilot Top Gun collection is the Perpetual Calendar. It uses IWC's outgoing great perpetual calendar automatic movement with a seven day power reserve. In the cool ceramic case with bold dial, this is a killer timepiece. The chronograph models uses IWC's new 89365 automatic movement that measures up to 60 minutes. IWC opted for a two versus three dial look on the watches. Though three register chronographs are available in the non Top Gun Big Pilot line.

Attached to the watch is one of Itay Noy's rather interesting and attractive hand-made leather straps. Here in black with a cream-colored stitching, it has has a stamped texture on the side of it while using a butterfly deployment clasp. The strap along with Itay Noy signed deployment clasp is nice, but the clasp itself needed to be worn in a bit to lock easily without a firm press.

All the stores explained that even when a salesperson isn't as educated as they could be, passion and enthusiasm is an essential part of increasing consumer confidence. Topper explains how enthusiasm helps consumers want to hear more about the details of watches and the brands. Audemars Piguet explains how more and more customers are coming into their brand boutiques with high levels of information - which raises the education bar for the staff inside of retail stores.

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An awkwardly-placed ad/event announcement appears in the middle of the show. John insists that James Bond is not a real person, and the Zombie Apocalypse preparation begins.

I can't afford the higher six figure price that Piaget respectfully requests in order to own one of these timepieces - but unlike many high-end watches that I don't feel are worth it, I would totally respect anyone who buys one of these. Just don't do something silly like engrave your daughter's face on the caseback (those guilty of that know who they are). piaget.com

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Nivrel La Grande Manuelle X47 Watch Review

Auction Watch: June 25th, Antiquorum Vintage & Modern Timepieces Sales & Auctions

The following timepiece auction analysis post is by Chris Meisenzahl. He is a long-time watch enthusiast and daily Speedmaster Pro wearer. He blogs at The Pretense of Knowledge and can be followed on Twitter at http://twitter.com/speedmaster.

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Creating a Liquidmetal bezel starts by creating the ceramic base part. Omega currently makes black, blue, and white ceramic bezels. They are working on orange of course, but they don’t quite have the color down. To create a ceramic bezel a zirconium oxide and plastic ring is created. Plastic is what actually gives the ring its color, but the plastic itself is removed in the process. These initial rings look like little wheel complete with four spokes. They are baked at temperatures of over 1000 degrees. This baking process shrinks them and removes all the plastic particles. What is left is a smaller, colored ring of smooth ceramic.

Not long ago Mathias was finally able to complete the Antikythera, miniaturizing the concept of the original into a wrist watch. And only Buttet's version actually tells the time and has a tourbillon. The man just LOVES tourbillons. It also runs by itself whereas the original needed to be hand-cranked. Hublot announced that no Antikythera movements will ever be sold. They anticipate making 3-4 of them and selling them (via auction) for charity. The sale of which I believe will benefit the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris (a really cool museum that focuses on the history of machines).

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The dials themselves are 30mm wide and placed into 38mm wide 18k rose gold cases. There is a black onyx cabochon in the crown. Attached to the watches are black alligator straps. I have seen watches with this type of dial decoration and painting before and they are very impressive. The colors really come out and the detailing is extremely impressive.

I am excited to offer a fantastic new Seiko watch as the giveaway item this month on aBlogtoRead.com This piece has a number of desirable features and a great modern style to it. As part of the Seiko Sportura collection, this is known as the Kinetic Diver ref. SKA511P1 (aka SKA511). This model in steel is 44mm wide and a black colored bezel and steel metal bracelet. It is accompanied by sibling variants the Seiko SKA509P1 as well as the SKA511P2.

When Casio first introduced its plans to release a Bluetooth connected watch I wrote about it here with a lot of editorial. Not too much has changed in terms of function, but now we know exactly what the watch will look like and the precise features that it has. Style wise this is a pretty standard G-Shock. Glossy black with blue trim, being 53.2mm which and 18.2mm thick - not one of Casio's smaller pieces. Though at 65 grams it won't be heavy. The dial and layout of the info hasn't changed since the concept version of the watch.

Trapezium is a word that sounds both geometric and acrobatic. Does that mean it is both difficult to compute and perform? Yes. Those adjectives more than likely define this new watch by Cabestan well. The new Trapezium is an evolved version of their famous Winch Tourbillon Vertical watch and is the brainchild of Cabestan's own (and very talented) Eric Coudray.


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