In Two Fell Strokes Chopard Nods To The Past And Future With Two New Mille Miglia Styled Watches

In Two Fell Strokes Chopard Nods To The Past And Future With Two New Mille Miglia Styled Watches

Limited Edition Sinn 856 UTC SG In PVD Tegimented Steel Available Now Sales & Auctions Another aspect of this limited edition watch is the great looking back strap with red stitching. Sinn always makes well-padded straps, and this is no exception. The added red color trim all over the watch really enhance the look of it and go well with it being a schwartz edition (which Sinn refers to all their PVD watches due to the black color). You'll agree the colors are nice. Lastly, Sinn place the crown on the left side of this watch in the limited edition. This assists from keeping the crown from getting damaged or digging into your hand during strenuous usage.

This black faced cult hit NauticFish dive watch features a very interesting movement that is seldom seen. It is essentially an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement with a Dubois Depraz 2020 chronograph module built on it. This is a very hardy automatic with one of the best chronograph modules adding additional functionality. Perfect such a watch. Schaumburg and NauticFIsh watches always have thick cases. Using lots of steel, and thick sapphire crystals, the NauticFish has a "deep look." One tell-tale feature is the deep-set date, showing you how much is going on in the watch movement.

The biggest difference of course is the watch case, which is shaped differently in the Japanese version, and slightly smaller. The world model is a slightly larger watch, but some considered it too large. Personally, I love the size, but 45mm for some people over does it. The nature of the Japanese case makes it smaller and more "traditionally" round in size. You'll notice the world model is a bit more of tonneau shape (even though the dial is round), further it is comprised of two highly polished pieces of steel. In contrast with the uniquely organic shape of the world Grand Complication, the Japanese version features beefy lugs on a wide smooth bezel. These two seemingly similar watches thus have a multitude of differences when you take a close look.

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At first glance, the Kobold Polar Surveyor is not much more than another time tool. Although closer inspection reveals a weighty and substantial element of design and class. A watch like this will look good in 100 years, along with watches like Rolex and Patek Phillipe. Many "showy" watches these dates will look dated quickly, but a watch like this never goes out of style. The idea is the simplistic functionality. When you merely polish what already works well, you enter the realm of "classic design." Don't get me wrong, I love innovative looks, but they often suffer from looking dated quickly. Something that looks familiar when you look at it is a design goal many strive for and fail. When you look at the Kobold, you know it instantly. You know what it does, and that it fits with anything you wear. This is a timeless piece of functional art.

Recently, the Concord brand has begun an image re-haul. The Movado owned watch brand was due for revitalization. Having had success with the Concord La Scala and Concord Saratoga lines, nothing serious has come out of Concord in about 10 years. In fact the La Scala and Saratoga watches are wonderful designs, attractive and pleasantly unique. Movado however felt the brand needed to be thrust in a new direction. Newly appointed Concord CEO Vincent Perriard has a background in marketing, not watch design. His enthusiasm is admirable, but he has yet to prove himself as a watch branding whiz. Movado has given him the reigns of Concord.

Omega Wants You! Pays George Clooney To Look Goofy For The Cause Watch Industry News What times we live in. Who would have ever thought to see a celebrity endorse a watch company's recruiting efforts. Sure we are all used to celebrities modeling watches, even attending watch public relations events. I even wrote about watch companies like Audemars Piguet making watches for US presidents, who then plug the brand (for charity).