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The MTM Rad radiation detection watch is, with no exaggeration, a unique watch. Very few people will ever need one and those that do will be delighted to find it.

Little details such as a case-fitted thin black alligator strap finish off the watch. Thin, form-fitting alligator straps are not only good looking, but incredibly comfortable and secure watches to your wrist nicely. There is little to complain about in a watch like this. I could ask for lume, or more than the 30 meters of water resistance, but then again Girard-Perregaux doesn't tout this as a sport or diver's watch. For that you can look at something like this version of the Girard-Perregaux (reviewed here). The 1966 Chronograph 42mm is a handsome and very capable watch. Those looking to add a classic looking chronograph of a high-pedigree to their collection won't be disappointed. Price is ,900.

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Sized at 41mm wide, the watch nevertheless feels sizable thanks to a thick case and relatively thin bezel for a watch in this genre. We are big fans of sandblasted cases, especially in tool or military watches. The finishing on the steel case is excellent, offering beautiful views from all angles. The "H" for Hamilton on the crown is actually polished which is an appreciated detail. In addition to the NATO strap, Hamilton offers the Khaki Pilot Pioneer Auto Chrono on a leather pilot strap or an attractive steel metal bracelet.

For the last few years Blancpain has been one of the more curious high-end Swiss watch brands from one of the major groups. It was Mr. Jean-Claude Biver who built the brand up to what it is, and since selling it to the Swatch Group it has moved around a bit in terms of who is running it. Today Blancpain is headed by Marc Hayek, the younger son of the late Nicolas Hayek senior. Marc currently oversees a few brands including Jaquet Droz and Breguet as well as Blancpain. Where he has taken the brand is... well interesting.

SINN Technologies
-Sinn Movement SZ01
-DIAPAL – lubricant-free escapement
-TEGIMENT Technology
-Push-pieces with Black Hard Coating on a TEGIMENT Technology basis
-Captive bezel sapphire glass insert
-Ar-Dehumidifying Technology enhances functional reliability and freedom from fogging
-Temperature resistance technology, therefore functionally reliable at temperatures from -45 °C up to +80°C
-Push-pieces with D3-System

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Sorry, it's quite difficult to photograph. Needless to say, this is a unique way to implement a chronograph! All part of the creativity character you'll find in most all of Ludwig's creations.

Hey watch makers, can you do me a little favor if it isn't too much to ask? Well you sometimes put the term "Vintage" in the name of a new watch. While it is possible that you - and probably I - know what you mean, a lot of people are going to be confused. This is especially true when the watch is meant to look a bit older in style. I don't think you are intentionally trying to confuse anyone, but a lot of consumers are going to look at your new watch with a "Vintage" name and think that it is merely a descriptive term indicating that the watches are in fact, "vintage." Which they aren't. Imagine for example that I put the term "Used" in the name of a new watch. People would be pretty reasonable in believing that I was selling something that was owned by someone else before. Thanks...

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There are a lot of places to by used watches online. We don't know all of them, and when it comes down to it, there are two important factors. The seller and the watch itself. Because used watches have been worn, no two are alike. That means it is in many instances up to the customer to decide if the used watch is good for them. When buying online make sure the return policy offers you a reasonable chance to inspect the watch to make sure it is cosmetically and mechanically up to your standards.

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George Daniels is regarded as one of the greatest watchmakers of all time and his work has its deserved place in watchmaking history amongst the finest and most influential. One of his greatest accomplishments is known by millions around the world thanks to Omega, who feature his co-axial escapement in most of their watches (which they bought from him at a rather meager sum). Though his famous treatise on how to make watches ("Watchmaking") is among his most popular written works. The story goes that when young watchmakers would seek out his help or ask to be his apprentice, he would merely suggest to them that they read Watchmaking and all of their questions would be answered.

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Omega Speedmaster .861

At 40mm wide, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116506 is a medium sized watch, and among the smaller sport chronographs out there. Nevertheless, in solid platinum (with a bracelet) this is among the heaviest watches I have ever worn. Platinum is not exactly my favorite luxury metal, but I can certainly appreciate why people like it. While it does have a distinct color, I prefer 18k white gold if you must have your precious metal more or less "steel colored." Platinum is heavy, hard to machine, easily scratched, and rare. People love platinum perhaps because of its quirks and rarity. Its weight is also one of the classic signals of a fine watch, where heft was a sign of good metal.

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MT-G (MTGS1000D)

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What exactly is a Cosmopolite? A "Grande" one at that? You may find out... In 2012 at Baselworld, I was excited about my forthcoming meeting with Glashutte Original. The (probably) under-appreciated Swatch Group-owned brand makes some fantastic watches. While they have their place in the Swatch Group and can't do everything they like, they still abide by Germanic principles to produce useful, high-end watches focused more on function and tradition versus mere luxury lifestyle. So I waited eagerly for my meeting, I even showed up with my own Glashutte Original watch that I actually own! They sadly didn't seem to notice or care. Like many other brands, 2012 was not exactly prolific when it came to the release of new models. Glashutte Original had a series of line extensions, some new sizes, but nothing really new. Guess I will have to wait until this upcoming Baselworld to see fresh stuff, but there was one interesting piece I did come across...

Dubois Dépraz, the family company, has never decided to start a watch company! After 14 years spent at Audemars Piguet, I have decided to set up my own brand. Based on my financial personal background (Audemars Piguet CFO), based on my global  experience in the watch industry and business and, of course, based on the potential technical support to be provided by DD, I have asked my brothers if they were interested in developing exclusive movements for me. They have been enthusiastic, then I set up Pierre DeRoche (PDR). Dubois Depraz’s policy is to serve the brands, not to be “the” brand. They do it for Pierre DeRoche as they do for many other brands, probably with a bit more emotion than in the usual relations for a  supplier-customer!

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Luminosity is high-grade, though as befits a dress watch, it's applied in smaller areas than a dive or sport watch.

Max here, the PAM 359 is fine. It has the new 1950 case and also in-house movement. Its singular appeal is classic Panerai dial, but with all Arabic numbers on the dial vs. the 12, 3, 6, 9 (or less) that is typical on other Panerai models.

Price is 188,000 Swiss Francs.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Perpetual Watch Hands-on Exclusive

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Perpetual Watch Hands-on Exclusive

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Now I just need to see what that TWO thousand dollar piece is all about…

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