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Let's step back a bit and revisit the overall concept of the watch and the brand thus far. Martin Braun is a movement designer and exists among a select group of elite thinkers who are really doing cool things mechanically but in a way that has the movements actually working. The Antoine Martin brand could have easily been classical in theme but eschewed that in favor of a more masculine concept. With nicely made movements and a bold concept that doesn't come across as trendy or temporary, I think the look and feel of the brand certainly has a place in the high-end world.

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Bovet offers the Recital 0 in five versions. This includes a case size of 41mm wide or 45mm wide. The one I reviewed was the 45mm wide version. In addition to the two case sizes, you get a choice of a clean 18k red gold case or one that is decorated with an inner bezel ring of large baguette diamonds. That explains four versions, but I am still curious about the fifth. One thing I also don't quite understand is the variation I have seen in the dial and movement finishing. This model has a super cool dark gray-toned movement with 18k red gold hands. Other models I have seen (such as those in the above linked article on the full range of Bovet Recital watches up to that point) have a lighter finished dial with blued-steel hands and blued steel screws in the movement. Like I said, I prefer those of the piece I reviewed as they help the dial look beautiful, being able to clearly see the many movement parts individually.

While Baume & Mercier continues its modern quest for an image and direction, they are still at least producing good quality relatively affordable Swiss watches. The Capeland collection is in the ,000 range, which while not actually cheap, is still a number that the brand's target demographic is more than comfortable with. More details on the Capeland here @ Baume & Mercier.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Forged Carbon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

As you might expect from a Vacheron Constantin piece, the detailing on the dial and case are pretty much immaculate. The hands are very well rendered and I actually love the "hidden heart" which tips the hour hand. Notice how the subsidiary seconds dial is slightly recessed and is done in a different silvered finishing. This adds an additional layer to the dial. Around the dial is a rail-road track style minute ring.

Ending in about four days, buyers have over 100 vintage and pre-owned watches to bid on in the current Luxury Timepiece Event. Most of these are Rolex watches for both men and women. I understand that it is being supplied by BeckerTime (based in Texas). The sales includes both auctions to bid on and "Buy It Now" pieces. Rolex watch prices are going to be reasonable as they are market prices dictated by the auction demand.

Call me a snob, but I honestly wouldn't have discussed this collection unless I thought the designs were impressive for the price. There are lots of watches in the few hundred dollar range that don't pass muster. Cross partnered with Solar Time Ltd. out of Hong Kong to design and produce the new collection. While the names of the pieces lack cohesion and there needs to be a marketing campaign around them, the watches and designs aren't half bad. I got my hands on a trio of them to share with you.

Number of plots to create epitrochoids for hours and minutes: 180

The best part is likely to be the cost (comparatively speaking). When ordering a bulk of watch that will not be sold into a retail environment you get a very good price. Retail prices on many of their watches are from under ,000 or about ,000. Figure that even with private labeling services, the wholesale costs on getting them in bulk should be very attractive and well below retail. Here are some more details directly from Fortis and the Gevril Group:

In a 44mm wide steel case the 1898 Moonphase Chronograph (that in no way shape or form reminds me of 1898) has an IP (ion plated) applied rose gold and black case. I really wish that it was at least PVD or plated gold and a black ceramic bezel. The Ferragamo F-80 watches use ceramic bezels, why not here? In a watch costing under 0 I will usually be OK with IP color application, but when you stick in a movement such as this, you know the price is gonna be ,000 at the minimum.

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Materials will likely include brass and oxidized metal. It is interesting how the California watch brand products with the electro-mechanical tread-based movements that felt so modern, have taken on a Steampunk persona. This new model does have its charm for sure. The designer of the piece is from Serbia actually. What I expect in the end as I think about it more, are a few Tread 1 Steampunk models with slightly different treatments. Expect the pieces to have premiums over the standard Devon Tread 1 watches (that are already near ,000). Keep an eye out for more information on the Devon Steampunk Tread 1 watch.

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Someone recently asked me a question about watches with 24 hour dials. That is, watches that display time in the 24 hour format versus the 12 hour format that we are mostly used to here in the US. Many digital watches do this with ease (switch back and forth), but 24 hour analog dial watches are much less common. In the US, 24 hour time is often referred to as military time. If you are in the military you need to know it, otherwise you can be more or less ignorant of what 17:00 is. I guess it is about reducing confusion about when to be places and getting rid of saying "AM or PM." When I started traveling internationally a lot more a few years ago, I was surprised at how common 24 hour time was for civil use in other countries. In Europe and Japan for example, 24 hour time seems to be the norm much of the time. Especially when it came to plane/train and event/television schedules. Still, most people there are wearing 12 hour format watches, so I guess a decent 24 hour watch would be more than useful a lot of the time around the world.

Amazingly, this is the smaller version of the Gauge, a watch whose design is based on a vintage depth gauge. The original version from Helson is rated to a ludicrous 3,500m and measures 47mm by 19.4mm in heavyweight bronze:
Exclusive: Helson Titanium Gauge Watch Review Hands-On

A number of watch brands are marketing their products to teenagers and young adults. The problem is that in many instances they are too late and the message is wrong. They are missing the younger more formative years of a person’s life, and campaigns are too focused on asking a teenager to buy a several hundred dollar watch personally, rather than focus on suggesting to an older person to buy a watch that might appeal to a younger person. There is a big difference in these approaches. Such campaigns need to appeal to slightly older people, and frame the message more like “this is a cool watch that a teenager would like.”

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Bell & Ross WWI Heure Sautante Watches Hands-On

Bell & Ross WWI Heure Sautante Watches Hands-On

Measuring 44mm across and 11.5mm thick, the GAF is nicely sized for a sport watch and its stainless steel case exhibits a simple style that is fitting for a tool or military application. The overall style would suggest that the GAF is a pilot's watch with its flieger-style hands and military-inspired dial and I think the proportions are pretty good, though the minute hand is a little shorter than I prefer.

Inside is a quartz Ronda movement and the water resistance is rated to 50 meters. 5 might seem like a lot for a quartz watch unless you are a GAZ M21 fan but there are numerous elements unique to this watch alone. Also, given that only 300 are going to be made, you will probably never see one on the wrist of another person nor one looking similar to it. The M21 watch is available for purchase direct from UNIQ.

Sarpaneva Korona K0 Ruler Of Water Watch Hands-On

Sarpaneva Korona K0 Ruler Of Water Watch Hands-On

Phosphor Touch Time Watch On Kickstarter + Interview ABTW Interviews

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The best part is likely to be the cost (comparatively speaking). When ordering a bulk of watch that will not be sold into a retail environment you get a very good price. Retail prices on many of their watches are from under ,000 or about ,000. Figure that even with private labeling services, the wholesale costs on getting them in bulk should be very attractive and well below retail. Here are some more details directly from Fortis and the Gevril Group:

The concept is really brilliant and I love its application in watches. The R01 was intentionally exotic and super expensive, but this R03 Chronographe RS feels a lot more like something average people could wear. Aside from the special crystal system, the dial is rather standard and straight forward sporty. Legible, with nice hour markers and hands, this is a handsome timepiece even without the cool face made of the unique polarized glass pieces.

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Porsche Design P’6540 Heritage Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Porsche Design P’6540 Heritage Chronograph Watch Hands-On

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The next limited edition Hublot Big Bang watch is for women. To be honest, the Big Bang model has taken a back seat (this will most likely be changing soon) to other Hublot models when it comes to limited editions for men. The King Power has been favored for a while because of its larger size and more technical design. In 2012 Hublot re-released the Big Bang as a larger watch and modernized it a bit. Anyhow, this shiny Big Bang is for the ladies and has been done in collaboration with watch maker and retailer Zegg & Cerlati. Making limited edition models for retailers is a popular way of creating exclusivity and making retailers happy while giving them a reason to promote items to their customers.

The steel case is cleverly designed. I like the shape and the brushed finishing as well as the design of the pushers. The case is also available in PVD black if you prefer. The pusher design consists of a rubberized ring around the entire case. On there are the four pushers (two on each side). It makes none of them stick out, but they are easy to see and press. The strap design is a bit strange with the strap being cut and then reattached with the metal pieces. I don't know how durable it is, but it does make the piece look a bit more cool. I think it is also to help the strap wrap around your wrist better. I've seen i-Gucci watches with a ton of strap styles. Some even seem to be in alligator printed latent leather. On these watches are rubber straps with a perforation style texture to them. They end with a push-button butterfly style deployant.