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Replica Rolex Day Date

Inside the watch is a really fantastic IWC in-house made movement. It is the caliber 89360 automatic (with a healthy 68 hours of power reserve) which is viewable through the caseback window. The automatic rotor is signature IWC in style and nicely engraved. Overall the movement finish and decoration is really nice for such a sporty watch - this aspect of the watch does not let down. The movement has a little aspect to it on the dial that is really easy to miss. Instead of the classic IWC Portuguese watches that have 30 minute chronographs, the Yacht Club has a 12 hour chronograph. The top subdial actually has two hands (one is hidden underneath the other while the chronograph is not in use). Thus, the same subdial has a ring for counting the minutes (60 total), and a smaller ring with a separate hand for the hours. See what I mean now when you look closely? This really ups the utility of the watch. The movement also has a date indicator that most Portuguese watches do not.

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Watches In The White House 2010 – Obama, Biden, Kagan

Watches In The White House 2010 – Obama, Biden, Kagan

Maitres du Temps Chapter One Round Watch Watch Releases

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Replica Rolex Day Date II

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 33 HourTime Show

Please enjoy the original article below by Meehna Goldsmith - a watch matchmaker. She calls Los Angeles home but travels the world spreading the horologic gospel and finding people their perfect watch match. She contributes to publications such as the Financial Times, American Express Magazines, Robb Report Watch Collector, International Watch, and as the U.S. correspondent for HH Magazine, the publication of the Fondation De La Haute Horlogerie.You can visit her on her website

Listen to HourTime show watch podcast Episode 21 here.

N.O.A Watches At Baselworld 2010

N.O.A Watches At Baselworld 2010
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Replica Breitling Navitimer Watches

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Tiffany & Co. Watches Do Not Shine In 2010

Tiffany & Co. Watches Do Not Shine In 2010

Rotating aluminium domes, stationary hands

Roger Dubuis EasyDiver Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

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Replica Piaget traditionnelle

* Case material:Stainless steel with Black Hard Coating on a TEGIMENT Technology basis.
* Crystal:Sapphire, with anti-reflective coating on both sides
* Case back:Solid, Nickel-free
* Water resistant:as per DIN 8310
* Pressure resistance:20 bar (200 meters)
* Diameter of case:44,0 mm
* Watch thickness:15,5 mm
* Weight:103 g
* Band lug width:22 mm

Giveaway: Vittorium AT Watch

Giveaway: Vittorium AT Watch

It took Roger Dubuis months to get a proper press release out on this watch with specs. I took images of the new Easy Diver watches back in January 2010, and am only now able to share them with you. I wanted some hard details to go along with the images. Prices will start at ,900 for the subsidiary second model versions. Here are two different models. The sub seconds version and the chronograph. While the EasyDiver Chronograph is a sexy number, I think the real momentum is with the time only model.

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Replica Tudor Heritage Watches

Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Automatic Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

You either appreciate the style or it is just too much for you. The style of the watch reminds me of some Citizen Campanola watches, which in my opinion do the look more justice. Then again, this is just an early render, so who is to judge something that hasn't been completed yet. The project is being led (and was started) by Vincent Plomb - whose last name I wish was "Bomb," cause it would sound like a good title for a guy who would wear this watch - Baron von Bomb.

2. Similar language, only regarding the timepiece's warranty information along with legal notices.

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Replica Piaget limelight Watches

We talk about some new times, and new versions of old divers. The typical rants ensue as well.

And now the case. The big and heavy (really heavy) case contraption that almost makes the watch feel worth its price. Made from aluminum, the case looks like a diving vessel itself. Again you see an engraving of the Angler fish on it, and a thick porthole with a rounded crystal lens where the watch sits and stare at you as though it is safe while you are in the ocean. It is a serious part of the timepiece's presentation, and U-Boat makes you feel pretty darn special to have received this thing. I've never had a more lasting impression of a watch's presentation box. I think it must have cost U-Boat almost as much as the watch itself to make.

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Replica Longiness Conquest Watches

Now things get interesting with sapphire... the dial is sapphire as well. Black colored sapphire with three levels of superimposed elements on it. It should have glass-like finish to it, without too much glare, and the white numerals and hour indicators should "pop" really nicely. Hints of red color add to the sporty appeal. In addition to elements from other Bulgari designs, and Hublot, there is a little bit of Richard Mille influence in the mix.I have a feeling the dial will turn out to be quite great looking.

What made the watch so great was the (mostly)  in-house movement, sexy functional design, and ultra easy to read dial. The name "Indicator" referred to the digital readout of the chronograph. While the chronograph seconds used the main dial in an standard analog format, the right side of the dial had a digital jumping set of indicators for the chronograph. It could measure about 10 hours. The watch also features a subsidiary seconds dial and a power reserve indicator - both which are special.

At 47mm wide and 15mm thick the watch is pretty small given its complexities. The specially made MBM16.29 manually wound movement has 567 parts and a power reserve of 55 hours. The case is done in 18k white gold and has a real nice finishing to it. Montblanc has come a long way and really asserted themselves as a serious powerhouse of complex mechanical expertise. So on that end the watch is pretty exciting. Style of the case and dial(s) doesn't really do it for me. I mean it is cool, but I don't exactly have any lust for it. A neat item I would gladly tote around, but it would be for the mechanics, not the design. The spirit of "be different" in the watch world when it comes to case and dial design isn't always a good thing. I would have preferred to see a modified version of one of Montblancs more attractive mainstream designs. To be honest the Timewriter 1 Metamorphosis gives me a bit of a headache after prolonged viewing. I've nick named it the Montblanc Seasickness. Montblanc TimeWriter 1 Metamorphosis Watch Transforms Watch Releases

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Hublot MP collection

IWC: The Book, The Manufacture Book Reviews

TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Watches Review Wrist Time Reviews

Roger Dubuis gave the watch a moronic name. I love the "EasyDiver" part (a la Easy Rider). I kid you not, they actually named it the "EasyDiver Hours, Minutes, and Small Seconds." And people wonder why I make fun of the watch industry. "Check out my cool new car...the Wheels, Engine, and Steering Wheel." Aside from a name you don't want to utter yourself, the entry level EasyDiver is a great timepiece. The cool character is accompanied by a beautiful in-house made automatic movement (more on that in a second), and is also a limited edition. Should totally be part of the brands permanent collection though, in my opinion. Actually all the new EasyDiver watches for 2010 are limited editions... wonder why that is.

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Replica Frank Muller Giga tourbillon Watches

Inside the watch is Cartier's automatic Calibre 049 - which I believe is a base ETA 2892 movement. A solid movement that works fine, but isn't anything fancy. It is a good movement to have in a sport watch given its relative level of durability. While this is no action-adventure watch, with its lighter weight, 100 meters of water resistance, and secure fit on the wrist, you could easily be "active" with the watch and not have it impede you too much. Though I tend to not recommend people do wild things in nice watches.

In fact, Christiaan van der Klaauw (CVDK) pretty much only makes "astronomical watches." The Planetarium has the smallest such complication in the world on the dial. Even before clocks existed, there were astrological devices meant to track the heavens. The watch movement is a heavily modified ETA 2824 with a hell of a module on it. Aside from the time, the watch has an annual calendar with the month and the date, as well as a planetarium that shows the relative placement of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn around the sun. What? No Uranus? I would have totally given a small shout out to Pluto as well... you know, for old times' sake.

Diamonds: approx. 0.96K

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